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The Hereford Gift Card is available to purchase from:

Hereford Tourist Information Centre

Hereford Music Shop

JJ's Diner


Gift-giving without the guesswork

The Hereford Gift Card is the perfect gift for any occasion. Accepted by unique independents and big-name brands alike, it can be used to shop, stay, eat, drink and enjoy Hereford City Centre.

Download a list of locations that accept the Hereford Gift Card

From birthdays to employee rewards, by choosing the Hereford Gift Card the recipient  has the freedom to spend their present exactly as they would like. The gift cards can be loaded up with any amount from £5 to £500, and spent like a debit card with selected Hereford businesses. You can find the full list of spending locations here. 

Buy your cards online or in person from Hereford Tourist Information Centre.

Over 100 Spending Locations

From hotels to hairdressers, there are loads of places ready to accept your Hereford Gift Card.

Download a list of spending locations

Looking for Hereford Gift Card spending locations?

Visit herefordgiftcard.com or filter by 'Hereford Gift Card' when viewing business listings on Hereford City Life!

How to spend

If you've got a gift card burning a hole in your pocket but aren't sure how to use it, this short video will show you how - including checking the balance and what to do if your purchase is worth more than what is on your card.

There are over 100 business in Hereford who are ready to accept your Hereford Gift Card including the fantastic The Children's Bookshelf who helped us with this video.