Business Voice

Lobbying and Support.

Championing member businesses and providing guidance on key topics.


We produce and circulate to all levy payers and interested stakeholders an annual report on the BID’s activities and send regular newsletters that cover the latest updates from the BID team.

Weekly updates are posted on our news page, Facebook and LinkedIn to keep you up-to-date with all things Hereford.


We consult with businesses to understand the majority view on specific issues and make firm representations to relevant public, private and third sector organisations where their plans and decisions make it harder to do business in Hereford.


The BID play an active role in shaping policy on the city centre, transport and policing; continuing as members of key decision making groups e.g. the Hereford Area Plan group, the City Centre Improvements group and similar.


We continue to collect footfall and marketing data from our Wi-Fi system and elsewhere, and consider buying commercial data about Hereford’s market position, its catchment, and the volume and value of tourism to inform the decisions the BID makes about strategy and marketing.


We aim to run or collaborate with partners to run relaxed, regular and informative networking events throughout the year to provide businesses with opportunities to meet, share and learn from one another.

Information about upcoming networking events can be found in our News section or in our e-newsletters.