BID Area Map

Following the BID2 Ballot in 2019, businesses within the BID Area, as displayed in the map above, with a rateable value of over £10,000 automatically become levy-paying members who benefit from Hereford BID projects and services.

Any businesses within the BID Area with a rateable value of under £10,000 or who are based outside (but attached to) the BID area are welcome to apply to join as Voluntary Members.

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BID Member Exemptions

BID Member Exemptions The following types of business are exempt from paying the BID levy:

  • Hereditaments used solely for industrial, manufacturing, storage and workshop purposes
  • NHS premises and under 18s education facilities
  • Private car parking spaces rented by the month or longer
  • ATMs, communications masts and advertising hoardings
  • Hereditaments with an RV of less than £10,000.

There are no other exclusions. For more information on BID Levy rules, please download the Business Plan.

The BID Levy

The BID levy is charged at 1.5% of rateable value of each hereditament within the BID area that has a rateable value of £10,000 or more, based on the national non-domestic rates list (NNDR) provided by Herefordshire Council. Businesses below this threshold are exempt from paying the levy.

Our financial year runs from April 1st to March 31st with the BID levy invoices sent out annually in April. We represent almost five hundred businesses, including shops that are vacant; in these circumstance it is the landlord who pays the levy.

Voluntary Membership

Businesses within the BID Area with a rateable value of less than £10,000 or who are based outside the BID area are welcome to apply to join Hereford BID as Voluntary Members.

Whilst Voluntary Members are not entitled to vote, they still receive the same benefits and services as levy-paying members. Voluntary Members must pay an annual subscription equivalent to the levy rate or £157 (+ VAT), whichever is greater and be approved by the Hereford BID Board of Directors.