About Hereford BID

Hereford BID was formed back in 2015 to reinvigorate the city centre, support local businesses and help Hereford regain its standing as a top destination for shoppers and tourists. The opening of the Old Market Shopping Centre in 2014, along with the varied retail offerings and historic attractions, presented the foundations of a great destination but Hereford needed clear direction and management to take it to the next level.

To start making this change, local businesses formed a steering group, developed a business plan and took the concept of a city centre BID to ballot. Hereford BID was successfully voted in to deliver the proposed projects during a 5 year term and support the 500 businesses across the city that it represents.

This first term created a clear voice for businesses and provided free Wi-Fi, attractive planting, informative signage and regular care for the fabric of the city. We improved communications between businesses and the public sector, delivered exciting events and produced marketing campaigns to stimulate visits to the city.

In 2019, following consultation with members, Hereford BID set out a business plan for a second term. This focused on three new areas designed to build on the foundations of BID 1 and deliver further tangible improvements for members: The Hereford Experience, High Profile Hereford, and Business Voice.

The BID team and the proposed business plan received an overwhelming mandate from businesses, with 82% of the ballot voting in favour. Hereford BID began its second term in April 2020 and will run until March 2025

How does it work?

Hereford BID is a non-profit, limited company funded by 500 businesses in the city centre and controlled by the private sector with up to 12 volunteer board members, who direct and advise the company in accordance with the business plan that was voted in. In addition to the board members, Hereford BID has a paid team who work to deliver the projects of the Business Plan and support member businesses.