Beryl Bikes

About Beryl Bike

Choose the easy way to get around Hereford, from the station to the City Centre, Cathedral and markets. With Beryl Bays placed throughout the city, you'll always find a bike nearby whether you want to cycle to work, meet up with friends or get out and enjoy the beautiful scenery.

Beryl Bikes can be found within a large, designated operating zone across Hereford. Using the Beryl Bikes app you can find the nearest bike or Beryl Bay to you. Bikes come with a handy front parcel carrier and kickstand for parking

How does it work?

Simply download the app and use your phone to unlock a bike. Enjoy your ride, then park in a designated Beryl Bay or in a considerate location of your choice. Beryl Bays are marked clearly on pavements with turquoise boxes. Please note that a convenience fee will apply for out of bay parking.

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