Say Thank You with a Hereford Gift Card

Whether you're looking for an end-of-term present for your child's teacher or a gift for a friend, the Hereford Gift Card is the perfect option for gift-giving without the guesswork - here's why!

From family birthdays to end-of-term gifts for teachers, it isn’t always easy to figure out what to buy. Will they like it? Will it be something they need? Is it within my budget? If these questions sound familiar, then we’ve got the solution – the Hereford Gift Card!  

The Hereford Gift Card is an ultra-convenient city centre gift card that makes present buying a breeze. The card is easy to purchase, easy to spend, and will be sure to put a smile on the recipient's face.  

Not convinced? Here’s 5 reasons why the Hereford Gift Card makes the perfect gift: 

1. No guesswork! 

Mugs, gift sets and toiletries are all good go-to gifts, but it can be tricky knowing exactly what your friend / teacher / staff member will really enjoy. With the Hereford Gift Card, the decision making is in their hands, and they will be even more appreciative thanks to that freedom. 

2. Over 100 varied spending locations 

With over 100 different businesses in Hereford City Centre accepting the card, including hairdressers, jewellers, clothing retailers and restaurants, there are tons of options for spending the gift card. That means, the recipient has tons of choice and can decide exactly how and where to spend their gift.  

3. Budget-friendly

From £5, you can add any amount to the card. This is super convenient for tight budgets, or anyone constrained by gift-exchange requirements (we’re looking at you, Secret Santas!). It’s also ideal for group gifts where everyone wants to chip in; one gift card means less hassle when organising and a gift that is guaranteed to be a hit. 

4. Convenient to purchase 

It couldn’t be simpler to buy a Hereford Gift Card! For those that prefer to purchase in person, head to Hereford Tourist Information Centre or Hereford Library where their teams can load your card up instantly. If you can’t make it into Hereford, it’s just as simple to order online and have it delivered to your door. 

5. Supports local businesses 

Another wonderful thing about the Hereford Gift Card is that the money you load onto it can only be spent in our city, giving back directly to Hereford’s fantastic businesses and supporting the local economy.  


Hereford Gift Cards are perfect for:  

  • Birthdays 
  • Celebrations 
  • Teacher Gifts 
  • Welcome presents 
  • Corporate rewards or staff bonuses 
  • Holidays and Christmas

And much more…  

You can also find businesses that accept the Hereford Gift Card by filtering when you search our lisitings.