Ferrous Festival 2024

From Earth to Iron

Ferrous 24 celebrates the best creative metalwork from the UK and around the world, with makers from over 30 different countries taking part, placing Hereford at the centre of excellence in artist blacksmithing. This year’s theme, From Earth to Iron, explores sustainability and the origin of materials. Delyth Done MBE, Head of the School of Materials & Design at Hereford College of Arts (HCA) and Course Leader of BA (Hons) Artist Blacksmithing, is the Creative Director of Ferrous. “Ferrous is a unique chance to see the work of artists and designers working in metal from all over the world. It’s an internationally facing festival, with an ethos of inclusive practice that you can’t see anywhere else, and it’s also an opportunity for our students to reach out to the community and to contribute. It’s a chance to teach, to inspire, to participate, and to make a difference through making.”

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The festival starts with a live-forging event, leading to a complete programme, including exhibitions, workshop participation, and community events. This unique festival provides an opportunity to explore blacksmithing's connection to the environment and the value of materials from the earth to iron. 18+ due to health and safety guidelines.

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Ferrous 24 will celebrate the best creative metalwork from the UK and around the world, with diverse artists and makers from over 20 different countries taking part, placing Hereford firmly at the centre of excellence in artist blacksmithing.

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Come and listen to three of our visiting artists at Ferrous Festival of Artist Blacksmithing.

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The festival's artists will work with schools, communities, and the public to create projects and exhibitions to intrigue and entertain visitors.

Ferrous Festival 24 is a partnership between Hereford BID, Hereford Anvils and Hereford College of Arts, with the support of businesses and venues in and around the city.

Funded by UK Government, Powered by Levelling Up and Herefordshire Council. Additional funding is also provided from  Arts Council England National Lottery.



International Festival of Artist Blacksmithing. 

 First launched in 2017, Ferrous is a ten-day festival celebrating the craft of blacksmithing.

Learn about the remarkable blacksmithing tradition through hands-on live forging experiences, workshops, exhibitions and more. 

About the Organisers

Ferrous Festival is a partnership between Hereford City Life (a brand of Hereford Business Improvement District) and Hereford Anvils. 

Contact us: info@herefordcitylife.co.uk

Hereford College of Arts

Hereford College of Arts is a dedicated arts college with a specialist focus on art, media, design, popular music and performing arts.

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Hereford City Life

Hereford City Life is a brand of Hereford Business Improvement District, who work to deliver projects and investment in the city centre.

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What's on at Ferrous 24

The 2024 Ferrous Festival will start on 15th and run through to the 24th March. The Live Forging event will take place on the opening weekend of Friday 15th, Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th March. Programmes with festival maps will be available in the New Year. Check back to see the programme of events



Get involved in a hands-on experience of blacksmithing! Guided by one of our expert blacksmiths, you will learn how to create your own tree support. 

Take home your creation alongside a sapling tree to plant. Want to have a go forging? 

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Established and pop-up spaces around Hereford City Centre will play host to a rich programme of both local and international exhibitions.

Join us to discover cutting edge work and ideas from the world of forging.



Workshops & More 

In addition to our exhibitions, get involved with talks, workshops and other activities available across Hereford City Centre during Ferrous Festival,

Workshops for children, activities, exhibition trails, and lots more. 



Sponsors & Partners

As we embark on this journey of creativity, culture, and celebration, we pause to extend our deepest gratitude to you, our invaluable sponsors and partners. Your unwavering support and commitment have been the cornerstone of our festival's success.

Thank You to our Sponsors:

Your generous contributions have funded this festival and breathed life into every moment of joy and wonder that our attendees experience. Your belief in our vision and dedication to our cause has empowered us to create a platform where artistry thrives and communities unite.

Ferrous Festival has received part funding from the UK Government through the UK Shared Prosperity Fund and Arts Council England National Lottery.
More details can be found on funding here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/uk-shared-prosperity-fund-prospectus

Appreciation to Partners:

To our esteemed partners, your collaboration and shared passion have been instrumental in shaping this festival into the vibrant tapestry of diversity and innovation it has become. From logistical support to location collaboration, your support and enthusiasm have elevated every aspect of our event.