I-Spy Trail

Can you spot these objects in the city? I spy with my little eye...

Clock // Statue // Flower // Coat of Arms // Black & White Building // Duck // Flag // Historic Plaque

When the sun is shining, there’s nothing better than exploring outdoors. With its green spaces, beautiful architecture and local history, walking around our city is a must for visitors. We're created a fun walking trail with I-Spy tick sheet so children can keep busy by searching for items as you stroll.

The Trail

Please note that this map is for illustrative purposes only and is not to scale. 

Download Trail

Download I-Spy Tick Sheet

This trail will take approximately 25 minutes to walk and is suggested for ages 4+. 

Trail Stops

1. Hereford High Town

While the trail can be started from any point, High Town offers good proximity to car parks and bus stations. There are also a few things from the tick sheet you might be able to spy from here!

2. Hereford Town Hall

Built in 1904, this striking Edwarding building is home to Hereford's Tourist Information Centre as well as many civic offices. Once you're outside, don't forget to look up - you might spot something on your tick sheet!

3. Castle Pool 

Castle Pool is all that remains of the moat that once surrounded Hereford Castle. This lovely spot looks over toward the popular Castle House and is also known by another name - the Duck Pond!

4. Victoria Bridge

This beautful footbridge over the River Wye was built to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Victoria and is the perfect place to pause for a photograph. Can you spot any items from the tick sheet? We'd recommend looking for A Fish Eye View...

5. Bishops Meadow

Popular with dog walkers, this lovely footpath takes you alongside the river with views of the Bishop's Palace and cathedral. You're about half way here!

6. Gwynne Street

A narrow, picturesque street that takes you up a hill toward Hereford Cathedral. Named after a famous past resident, can you find out who that was?

7. Cathedral Green

Say hello to Elgar and take in the beautiful cathedral. From here you can head down Church Street and back to your starting point in High Town. Did you find all the objects?