Support Your Sister at Pear-Laine Lingerie

We are pleased to be able to share details of a newly announced ‘pay-it-forward’ scheme, brought to you by Pear-Laine Lingerie.

This independent boutique on Broad Street has introduced ‘Support you Sister’ as a way to support newly diagnosed breast cancer customers who are about to start their post-surgery journey.

 Pear-Laine Lingerie Owner, Anna Barnes said:

“Did you know that in the UK people with breast cancer get financial support under the NHS with wigs and prothesis (if needed), but not for bras?  For those post-surgery, a good fitting bra is so important.  Mastectomy bras are predominately non-wired, designed to be soft and gentle on the skin, extra supportive with higher sides to help with fluid management and pockets in the cup to hold a prothesis (if required). A good fitting mastectomy bra can make such a difference to a person who has undertaken breast surgery, it helps with their recovery, their comfort and their confidence.

When you have been newly diagnosed with breast cancer, undergone surgery, maybe facing further treatment, financing replacement bras (especially right now) shouldn’t be something to worry about.  To help, we will be launching our pay-it-forward scheme Pear-Laine's 'Support your sister’.  You can donate any amount you would like to this fund, and it will buy a ‘voucher’.  Depending on the value available at the time, newly diagnosed post-surgery customers can either have an amount off a bra or ONE free bra using this fund.” 

If you want to get involved, here’s how:


  • You can donate any amount you would like to this fund, by Cash or Card, and it will buy a ‘voucher’.  
  • Purchase one of Pear-Laine Lingerie’s ‘boob’ keyrings or earrings, designed and made exclusively for Pear-Laine’s ‘Support your Sister’ project, with ALL proceeds going into the fund.
  • Get involved in any of the additional activities Pear-Laine will be organising to contribute to the fund.

Please Note:

This scheme is still in it’s trial stage and is not currently is a registered charity but will operate as the donator effectively buying a voucher for a future customer. Funds will be used at the discretion of Pear-Laine Lingerie with the best intentions.

 If anyone has any specific questions related to this scheme, please speak to Anna either in the shop, call or email.

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