Meet Geek Retreat

Learn all about Geek Retreat - a community hub for lovers of board games, video games, trading games, anime and so much more.

Meet Geek Retreat- a community hub for lovers of board games, video games, trading games, anime and so much more.

Brothers Wayne and Andrew grew up in South Wales playing tabletop games and trading cards. When it proved difficult to find people to play with, the boys and their father came up with a dream that one day, they would open a shop that could provide a space for like-minded people to gather. 

Believing the business venture would only ever be a dream, Andrew and Wayne followed different paths, with Andrew studying catering and hospitality and Wayne studying games programming. When COVID hit, the brothers had the time to discover that their chosen career paths were not what they wanted, so began thinking about that childhood dream again. 

So when Andrew spotted an opportunity for franchising Geek Retreat, a gaming retailer and café expanding across the country, he knew this was not to be missed. Although Andrew knew he could handle the food and management aspects of the venture, he called in Wayne for assistance with the back-office tasks that he was confident his brother would thrive at. Andrew knew Hereford was the perfect place for this business as "there is next to nothing like this in Hereford and it just brought back those memories of not being able to find the place to play or people to play with". 

The hub on Catherine Street is unique- featuring a comic style mural and posters to create an inviting and striking space. Their menu is packed with burgers, fries, sweet snacks and their incredible ice-cream milkshakes. Whether you just want to grab a bite to eat, or attend one of Geek Retreat’s clubs or events, you are sure to receive a friendly welcome from the team.

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Want to find out more and see inside this great store? Watch our video below!