Hereford's Loyalty App!

As a Hereford BID member you have free access to the award winning place-promotion app, LoyalFree. It is also an additional channel to help raise your brand awareness and to promote your offers to thousands of local app users.

With LoyalFree you can showcase your business with exclusive offers, loyalty deals and city trails.

Active Offers

Many Hereford BID businesses are already rewarding customers and showcasing their businesses via the LoyalFree app. To find active offers and download the app yourself, use the button below.

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Could your business benefit from joining the LoyalFree app? We are always keen to meet with members and share more information about the app and how it can work for you.

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LoyalFree Benefits

Reward customer loyalty and showcase your business by adding exclusive deals to the LoyalFree app.

There are many benefits by using the LoyalFree App. Here are some to think about:


Increase your brand awareness and visibility to the LoyalFree App users, both locals and tourists.

It's Free

You will have zero charges when you list your promotions or offers.

Multiple Offers and Promotions

You can list more than one offer or loyalty promotion. Mid-week student offers or reward your most valuable repeat customers.

You are in Control

We can stop or change the offer at any time. Change or remove your offer if you reach your footfall or revenue targets.

Access your Data

Access your own statisticsand customer insightswith your own live dashboard.

LoyalFree Trails

The LoyalFree app allows Hereford BID to create trails that guide visitors around the city centre. These trails are flexible and can be created to suit specific needs, with two main types.

List trails help visitors find businesses that offer something specific or tie in with a particular theme. Examples of our list trails include, the Coffee & Cake Trail or the Veganuary Trail.

Interactive trails feature options for participants to engage with the trail, by scanning a QR code, checking-in, or accessing a video / audio link. These trails are ideal for seasonal showcases or informational trails. Examples of interactive trails include the Freaky Fruit & Veg Scarecrow Trail and the Apples for Autumn Trail.

Each trail provides the opportunity to connect a business with a potential new customer by directing them to specific locations and providing information about the businesses featured on the trail, including links to their profile and any active offers. 

LoyalFree Events

The LoyalFree app is also a great source of events for consumers. They use the Hereford City Life events page and that of other providers in the area to craft a detailed list of upcoming events.

If you think your business’ event should be listed, we can arrange that for you.