Positivity & Wellbeing: Resolutions for 2022

Our mental wellbeing is always important and, after the struggles of the last 2 years, this has never been more true. So, to start the new year right, Hereford City Life (plus local businesses and organisations)  are working to share some positivity and wellbeing tips throughout January.

The NHS article ‘5 Steps to Mental Wellbeing’ suggests basic steps you can take to improve your mental health and wellbeing. These are; connect with other people, be physically active, learn new skills, give to others and pay attention to the present moment. 

Connect with others

Connecting with other people can help you build a sense of belonging and self-worth, as well as provide emotional support and the opportunity to share positive experiences. Simple things you can do include sitting down for dinner together, switching off electronic devices or video calling someone you can’t meet up with.

There are some fantastic organisations working in Hereford to provide support for our community. The Samaritans are free to call for advice and someone to talk to when you need it the most, on 116 123.

The excellent team at Close House provide youth services to support and develop essential skills in people aged 11-24 so they can get the most out of life.

For those living independently at home, companionship and a friendly face can be found in one of Katherine Harriet’s bespoke home care services. 


Be Physically Active

Physical activity can boost your self-esteem, release endorphins to improve your mood and help you set goals to feel fulfilled. 

It can be hard finding the motivation to get moving, however, adding a walk or a run to your routine can be an easy way to stay active and help you feel better. Alternatively, seek out both virtual and in person classes that you can get involved with, for example, Anytime Fitness Hereford have a new online platform to help their members connect with classes!

If you’re looking to spend more time outdoors, cycling could be your new passion. Whether you’re after a mountain bike, road bike or something for your commute, both Climb on Bikes and Mastercraft Cycles can offer the knowledge, kit and tools you need.


Learn New Skills

It’s not just fitness goals that can give you a sense of achievement! Learning any new skill can boost your confidence, give you a sense of purpose while also helping you connect with other people. 

Hereford Music Shop have an array of new and second hand instruments available instore and, with the help of the brilliant music teachers based in the shop, their team can help you begin a new musical journey. 

Crafting your preferred creative outlet? Then visit Jackie at Make It Happen in Gomond Street. She has a beautiful selection of fabrics, haberdashery and craft supplies and can also help you with everything from the basics of using a sewing machine to designing your own fabric patterns in her workshops. 



Give to Others

It has been a difficult year for many, and by giving to others you may feel a sense of reward and positivity. This could be as simple as asking someone how they are and really listening, or something on a larger scale like volunteering within our community. 

Invite friends and family to join you for a 'Brew Monday' this year. Created by Samaritans to inject some positivity into 'Blue Monday' (the 3rd Monday of January, claimed to be the most depressing time of year), 'Brew Monday' encourages you to reach out with others and connect by giving them some of your time.

Rocket Kitchen on Church Street have a ‘pass it forward’ board in their café. Why not donate a coffee, cake or hot meal to someone who really needs it, for them to collect when they go in? Or, when doing your essential food shop, why not add a few items to the local food bank donation point available in most supermarkets?

Be Mindful

With all the different stressors in our lives, in addition to the challenges of coronavirus, it can sometimes be hard to take time for ourselves. According to the NHS, paying more attention to the present (and to things around you) can improve mental wellbeing. 

Mindfulness can help us be more aware of the world and the positives within it as well as helping us understand ourselves better. Take time to notice the little things (that delicious cup of coffee, the smell of a bakery) and sensations that can often be missed. Trying something new, even if it’s just going somewhere different for lunch can help you notice and appreciate the everyday.

Try the Meditation Aromatherapy Blend from Neal’s Yard Remedies, on Widemarsh Street, which encourages slower and deep breathing, perfect for adding to a diffuser to enhance mindfulness. Alternatively, Yeleni Therapy and Support have a host of workshops and classes including Yoga For Fitness and Relaxation Meditation, which are open to all and donations to the charity are welcome.