City Life Presents: Live Performances in Hereford City Centre

“City Life Presents” is the new live performance initiative from us at Hereford City Life, that will see music, theatre, crafts and lots more take to the stage in Hereford City Centre. Working with local acts, groups, creatives and well-known entertainment providers, the Hereford City Life team will be hosting pop-up performances twice a month in the city centre.

The first City Life Presents event will be held in the Centre of High Town on 14th May 2022, between 10:30 and 15:00, with performances from Band for Hire and Anya Pailthorpe.

Anya Pailthorpe is a local singer songwriter who has masterfully blended notes from folk, pop and jazz to create her own unique style. “Anya’s voice holds something delicate in it, something that is weirdly comforting to listen to, with vocals sung with utmost care”– Songdew.

Band For Hire are an up-and-coming cover band local to Hereford; think Arcade Fire and Kings of Leon. Band For Hire have played on our stage in Hereford before and they always bring intensity and raw energy.

Further City Life Presents performances are scheduled for 28th May, 11th June and 25th June 2022, with acts and more dates being announced in the coming weeks. 

If you would like to be considered to perform at City Life Presents, please contact