Workshops, Talks & more at Ferrous 22

Workshops, talks and demonstrations to discover at Ferrous Festival of Artist Blacksmithing.

Photocredit: Martha Jones

The Nowhere Forge

Pop-up at Old Market Shopping centre 
5 – 6 March & 26 – 27 March 

Simon Bushell is a travelling artist blacksmith and owner of The Nowhere Forge, a self-sufficient, sustainably powered mobile blacksmithing workshop. Simon spent four years building The Nowhere Forge and will be sharing his experience about living simply while maintaining a high quality of life and enjoyment.

Over the main festival, The Nowhere Forge will pop-up at Old Market Shopping to demonstrate the art and craft of blacksmithing and to share Simon’s truly inspiring life story.

Conservation of the Hereford Screen 

Saturday 26 March | 7:30pm | Hereford Cathedral | £10 per ticket 

Brian Hall, Director and Senior Accredited Conservator, Hall Conservation Ltd

Blacksmith, sculptor and Accredited Conservator-Restorer, Brian Hall will talk about restoring the Hereford Screen, now part of the Victoria and Albert Museum’s collection. The great choir screen made for Hereford Cathedral is a Victorian masterpiece in the Gothic Revival style, designed in 1862 by Sir George Gilbert Scott and made by the Coventry firm of Francis Skidmore. Although celebrated in the 19th C, by the mid 20th C the screen had fallen from favour, viewed as unsuitable for a medieval building and a barrier between the congregation and the chancel area.

 Brian’s talk will recount the thirteen-month restoration carried out by a team of 38 conservators and other specialists to dismantle, catalogue, repair, clean, paint and reconstruct the screen within the Victoria and Albert Ironwork Gallery. The restoration of the Screen was the Museum’s largest conservation project to date. 


{Queer} + {Metals} : Discussion, Debate, Performance

Saturday 26 March | 6pm | 6A St Peter’s Square | Free

Curators Deirdre Figueiredo and Dauvit Alexander will give a tour of the Queer Metal exhibition, discuss its genesis and explore the ideas behind the show with artist, writer, activist and theoretician Rebekah Frank; jewellery artist, John Moore; student artist-blacksmiths from Hereford College of Arts and others. As part of this discussion, Rebekah will present some of the findings from her digital residency with Craftspace. After the event in the gallery space, the event will move to the Powerhouse Theatre for a drag performance by metalsmith Fei He.


Researching historical decorative ironwork as a blacksmith

Friday 25 March | 11am | Courtyard, Edgar Street | Free

Jokum Lind Jensen, Lecturer, GÖTEBORGS UNIVERSITET, HDK-Valand, Campus Steneby

An artist blacksmith living in western Sweden and originally trained in Hereford, Jokum Lind Jensen will talk about his research into historical ironwork. Jokum works with contemporary and historical blacksmithing, and as an artist, teacher and researcher.


Photocredit: Oliver Cameron-Swan

#getoutgetinspired make-space 

25 March – 3 April | 11.00 - 4.00 | 17 Maylord Street   

Collect your free Drawn to Nature activity book here, or at the #getoutgetinspired exhibition space in venue #12 at 7 Commercial Street.

Free workshops: join us in the #getoutgetinspired make-space where children can have a go at creating their own embossed tin plaque or make a clay pinch pot with wild clay, from the Netherwood Estate, during the main festival weekend 25 – 27 March.

Book your slot at the venue. Children must be accompanied.