Pay for your parking by phone with Ringo*

James Hughes, Herefordshire Council Parking Dept - 18th January 2017

It's not difficult to see why Hereford City Centre is a popular destination, not only for locals but for visitors too. With its beautiful and historic core, independent shops, major retailers, cafes, bars, pubs and restaurants attracting visitors the parking facilities need to be able to cope with the high demand -  the council’s car parks in Hereford attract over 1 million visitors every year and are all conveniently situated close to the City Centre. Whilst the car parks are popular and busy, we are confident that we have capacity for all our welcome guests - quarterly occupancy counts of the car parks demonstrate this.

‘Parking made simpler’

We recognise that parking needs to be a stress-free and easy experience. Situations like not having the correct change can sometimes be a barrier when a customer chooses where to park and how long to stay.
We have delivered two cashless payment solutions:

  1. Paying for parking by phone using Ringo, a smart phone or telephone payment service; and
  2. Introduction of chip and contactless technology at our pay and display machines, so a pay and display ticket can be purchased using a credit or debit card.


Pay for your parking by phone with RingGo*

This is a service delivered by RingGo, a nationwide provider of parking solutions. Each car park is assigned a location number where customers can either phone the RingGo payment line or use the mobile app to pay for their parking. This service allows customers to create an account for their vehicle and then simply pay for their parking each time they use a car park, without the need to go to the payment machine and display a ticket on their vehicle. Another huge benefit of RingGo is that it removes the need for visitors to potentially cut short their visit to the city and return to their to vehicle as drivers can choose to have a free text reminder, reminding them that their parking session is near to expiring. This gives the customer an opportunity to either return back to their vehicle or ‘top-up’ their existing parking session by phone without having to return back to the car park!

Card payments at our pay and display machines

Herefordshire Council are proud to be one of the first local authorities in the UK to be able to offer chip and contactless payments to purchase pay and display tickets. Under a new project delivered in 2016, 28 of the city’s machines were equipped with the contactless payment devices.
As more and more people rely on cashless payments for many goods and services, this alternative method of paying for parking makes the council’s car parks far more attractive. An added benefit to the customer is that there is no additional charge for paying by card as the associated card transaction fees paid are by the council.

The machines and the payment systems are fully PCI compliant and in line with the current Europe wide mandate, requiring all new card reader installations to have a contactless payment option. The uptake in the first 8 weeks of the system going live has been a success and is proving very popular, with 2,500 card transactions by card a week now being processed at our car parks.

If you would like more information about parking in Hereford you can telephone the parking helpdesk on 01432 260974.
More information is available online at:

*Payments via RingGo attract an additional 30p (plus VAT) convenience fee.